About Breakdown Tucson

In alignment with AZ Dept of Education State Standards for Health

BreakDown Tucson is a group of local teens who bring a powerful, dynamic message to their peers. By integrating relevant drama scenes, contemporary and hip-hop dance, and state of the art sound, lighting and visual media, we expose lies young people often believe about who they are. Our one hour performance educates and empowers youth to fight for their future and lives!


BreakDown Tucson educates by promoting personal health and proposing ways to prevent health problems (S1) through honest dramatizations about drug use, alcohol use, teen pregnancy, date-rape, sexually transmitted infections, depression, suicide and more. We realistically portray the complex correlation between emotional, intellectual, physical and social health (S1, PO1). Our characters examine barriers to healthy decision making (S5, C1, PO1) and contemplate their own value as human beings. They also determine the value of making thoughtful decisions in a variety of health-related situations (S5, C2, PO1), AND predict the potential short and long-term impact of each alternative on themselves and others (S5, C2,PO4). Our videos present current statistical information as well as depict students evaluating the effectiveness of health-related decisions they’ve made (S5, C2, PO6).


BreakDown Tucson empowers youth to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance health (S4). Through unique dramatizations, video clips, song lyrics, and dances we model skills to enhance health, and avoid or reduce health risk (S4, C1, PO1). We also demonstrate effective ways to ask for and offer assistance to enhance individual health and the health of others (S4, C3, PO1). The presentation will illustrate how to resolve interpersonal conflicts without harm (S4, C2,PO1) and offer access to community resources that provide valid health information (S3).

Our Mission

BreakDown Tucson’s desire is to serve the community by being a resource to schools and at community events. Our purpose is to empower teens to make positive choices regarding relationships and sex, as well as promote the value of human life by educating youth about the effects of drugs, alcohol, bullying, self harm, suicide and more. We present this through a variety of formats providing candid, holistic, preventative risk avoidance health education.

BreakDown Tucson is dedicated to reversing damaging cultural health epidemics affecting our youth by encouraging them to not only reduce risk to their lives but to avoid it all together in order to experience optimal health for a lifetime.

The Need

Everyday teens are bombarded with harmful messages and inaccurate information, they are engaged in risky behavior that can have life altering effects on their health and can even lead to death.

According to a 2013 study by the Centers for Disease Control, 66% of high school students nationwide have drank alcohol, and in Arizona 43% used marijuana, and 45% have had sexual intercourse. There were approx. 757,000 pregnancies among 15-19 year old women and 9.1 million cases of sexually transmitted infections among people 15-24 years old. 36% of students in Arizona have consistently felt hopeless or sad and 19% have seriously considered attempting suicide. We need your help to inspire HOPE and a sense of VALUE in students, here, in our community.

Resources for the above statistics:

Meeting the Need

BreakDown Tucson provides students with tools, facts and resources that equip them to handle some of the extremely difficult situations that teens face on a daily basis. We do this with our high energy, peer-to-peer presentations that integrate real-life situations with current music, dance, drama, multi-media and motivational speakers. The material is honest, relevant and hard hitting. Students are inspired to step up and make a difference in their own lives, and the lives of their peers.

Our History

Since 2001 BreakDown Tucson has been a program of Hands of Hope, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit faith based organization. Since then we have performed in middle schools and high schools throughout the Tucson area reaching teens through our impactful, unique performances. Consisting of high school and college students who have decided to take a stand and live a life of integrity by making positive life choices BreakDown Tucson strives to be an example in the community. Our performance reaches thousands of students each month during the school year as well as reaching teens in churches, youth groups and community organizations throughout the calendar year.

Our Performances

Using popular music and hip hop dance, our amazing dance team sets the atmosphere by capturing the audience with professionally choreographed moves. Our drama team takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster ride using story lines based on real life situations, concluding with a challenge for teens to live life without regrets. Motivational speakers serve as a reality check to live life at a higher standard. Video segments of young people sharing their real life stories, encourage the audience to explore their own hearts. The videos are real people who have experienced negative consequences but then changed their lives for the better. Students are engaged, educated, and entertained. Our teens deserve to have a strong message of self-control, hope, life and freedom.

The Bottom Line

Our message is about HOPE
  • Hope that young people always have positive choices.
  • Hope that it is never too late to start over.
  • Hope that the good choices they are making will eventually pay off.
  • Hope that they can reach their goals and dreams by choosing wisely today.
  • Hope that they have people who care about their lives and futures.


Our message is about LIFE

  • We want teens to feel valuable, worthy of respect and deserving of dignity.

And our message is about FREEDOM

  • Freedom for young people to follow their dreams and live life without regret.

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Contact Us

Call Us: 520-808-6693

E-mail Us: [email protected]

Managers of Prevention

David Hughes and Haley Benson

Additonal Links

Pregnancy and STD info: Hands of Hope | Center for Disease Control
Domestic Violence: The Hotline
Alcohol and Drug Addiction: 1-800-662-HELP
Human Trafficking: Sold No More
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