Ironwood Ridge High School

May 18, 2017
BreakDown Tucson is a fresh presentation about many difficult positions teens may find themselves in. Without being in your face or too subtle, their delivery is both entertaining and thought provoking to students and staff. This new approach is refreshing and truly empowers students.

Samantha Burgin
Ironwood Ridge High School
IDP/Student Government
Ironwood Ridge High School

Amphitheater High School

April 24, 2017

BreakDown Tucson presented a short cameo for our school’s Student Council in the fall. Student Council, after viewing the skit, responded immediately with positive feedback. All Student Council members felt that the issues in the skit addressed the real issues of high school. They booked BreakDown Tucson to come back and present to the whole school in the spring. When BreakDown Tucson performed at our school they illustrated punctuality, care, and professionalism. Everyone, from the leadership to the youngest team member, carried themselves with character and excellence. After their 3 performances, many students told me that the skits challenged them to change or helped them realize what they wanted to do in life. Thank you BreakDown Tucson!
Ben Bultman
High School Teacher
Amphitheater High School
Amphitheater High School

Cienga High School

January 23, 2017
This is our 6th year of having BreakDown come to Cienega H.S. We know what an incredible program this is! The show hits on very relevant and critical information that our students need to hear. BreakDown has a unique way of bringing social and emotional issues to life through dance, stories and videos. Our students are always captivated and moved by the stories portrayed by the actors.
We are extremely thankful to have BreakDown come to our school to perform!!! It is a pleasure to have them with us to inspire and teach our students.

Sheri Mitzel
Student Success Coordinator
12775 E Mary Ann Cleveland Way
Vail, AZ 85641

Marana Middle School

February 1st, 2015
Marana Middle School has shared the BreakDown presentation with their eighth graders. The students were mesmerized by the energetic, relevant, and honest presentation of teenage issues. The issues and choices that our students are facing are REAL and it is important that we help our students understand what to do if they are faced with difficult decisions. Our students walked away from the presentation armed with information, support, and hope! This is a presentation that we look forward to hosting each year in the nest!

Kristin Reidy
Assistant Superintendent of Marana School District
11285 W. Grier Rd.
Marana, AZ 85653

Andrada High School

May 18, 2017
BreakDown Tucson uses dance, drama, motivational speaking, video and more to engage, educate, and entertain the audience as they learn the truth about consequences and are encouraged to make positive choices in their own lives. BreakDown is a group of young adults, many of high school age, to present to like age young people…..a peer to peer presentation. Through their presentation they show teens how to feel valuable, worthy of respect and deserving of dignity. Through this peer to peer program they are able to reach their peers in ways that lectures or books or the classroom could never do.

I have seen BreakDown perform several times. In 2014 we were fortunate to have them perform at Andrada Polytechnic High School in the Vail School District to our 9th through 12th grade students while I was working in the Counseling Department. It captured the students attention and many of the students went up to talk and share personal experiences with the cast. We scheduled the performances around lunch which allowed more time for talking between the students and the cast. I hope they can return this school year and perform for the incoming Freshman class.

I believe they tell a great story worthy for all young people to see and hear. They are our future and they are truly worthy of respect and of great value.

Mark Tate
Member of the Vail Unified School District Governing Board

Northern Star Christian Counseling

September 7, 2014
To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Lisa Keller. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tucson, Arizona and this is a letter of endorsement for BreakDown Tucson and their performances at middle schools and high schools. I have experience working at in-patient treatment facilities as well as private practice. I currently work in private practice counseling adults, adolescents and families dealing with addiction, mood disorders and many other life issues. I am very familiar with the BreakDown organization. Three of my children are involved with BreakDown and I have witnessed the impact of this organization’s performances at schools throughout Tucson for the past few years. I have come to value BreakDown’s mission, both as a mother of high school students and as a professional counselor. The organization addresses current and relevant unhealthy issues, behaviors and circumstances students are facing. This is addressed by student lead acting and dance performances that are entertaining, to keep the student’s attention, yet have a much deeper message that tackles difficult teenage issues by offering possible healthy alternatives. These individuals, at times, can have a narrow view of life outside their middle school or high school years. The program BreakDown Tucson produces, offers hope to the at-risk teen population and provides awareness to those who may not be struggling.
In summary, I would again like to offer my endorsement for BreakDown Tucson. As a professional counselor, I believe this group can add positive value to the middle school and high school student’s mental health on a general level, as well as encourages individuals to reach out for help for themselves or their peers.

Lisa Keller, MSC, LPC, CSAT
7400 N. Oracle St., Suite 162J
Tucson, AZ 85704

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